Sunday Gathering

Join us Sundays at 10am | 12 South French Broad Ave, Asheville

The Basics

We meet for about an hour and fifteen minutes. Emmaus Kids is provided during the entire service for children up to 4th grade. During the gathering we will sing a few songs, unpack a passage in the Bible, take communion and respond in worship once more. Occasionally we will include elements such as baptism.

What You Can Expect

We believe that the Church is not an event. It is a People filled with the Spirit and sent on Jesus’ mission into the everyday “stuff” of life. Because of this, our Sunday gatherings may be different from what you have experienced in the past.

We strive for our gatherings to embody three characteristics:


Our people have been intentionally building relationships with all types of people during the week. We want anyone and everyone to feel welcome and loved. We want to remove any barriers or hurdles that may keep someone from experiencing the presence of God. Because of this, our services are simple. We sing some songs, unpack God’s word, and respond in worship once more. People dress in a way that is comfortable to them, from a collared shirt and slacks to a T-shirt and jeans. Whether you are a long time church attender, are from a different denominational background, or are just checking out church for the first time, the words of the songs and the content of each message will be easily understood and comprehended.


The purpose of our gatherings is to lift up Jesus. He is the center attraction. We have purposefully stripped down our services and removed any production elements that may steal the spotlight from our Lord and Savior. We seek to not only inform the mind, but also move the heart.


Our mission is to make disciples that make disciples. Our gatherings function as a time for us to come together and get equipped for the real work of ministry that takes place during the rest of the week. We seek to equip our members to live with gospel intentionality in the everyday stuff of life. Our music and messages serve our people to this end.